About Our Products

Learn about our art how it is produced

The Art

We live in Kansas City.  We appreciate the unique qualities the city and the people offer.

We also love design – creating a unique and fresh way to imaging something that is known and loved by all those around us.  That is why we started Represent KC Designs – to give to great folks of this city designs that they are proud of.

We also feel designs don’t have to be expensive to be great.  Other companies in town offer unique custom shirts for $25 to $30. Yo – that’s $30 for a t-shirt!  Our basic high-quality t-shirts start at $18.  Get a great design at a great price – that is it.

“Our passion is art and design.  Our passion is also the city we live in.  Blending the two together is what we do best.”

About the Products

We hold ourselves to the highest standards so that our customers can feel like they are receiving the best product out there. We also offer a variety of options to completely customize your artwork for your home.

Each item is:

  • High-Quality and inspected
  • Printed uniquely for you
  • Delivered in about 5 business days


  • Many products include color variations to customize your look


Our Service

We offer top service including:

  • Fast production
  • Low cost or free shipping (minimum order required)
  • Helpful customer service agents
  • Lifetime guarantee from manufacturing defects